Cable Performance 2.0

Cable Performance 2.0

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2.29 / metre(s)
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Performance running cable suitable for your 2.0.


  • Increased resistance to frequent bending.
  • Increased minimum breaking force.

The performance cable for the high demands.

DIAMETER 8 mm 8 mm
SURFACE galvanised galvanised
TYPE OF CORE fiber fiber
TENSILE STRENGTH 1960 N/mm2 1770 N/mm2
MBF 38,5 kN 37,4 kN
FEATURES High cable tention High cable tention + long run
  6x19-FC 6x36-WS-FC


In what length should I order the rope?
Formula:     (Tower spacing x 2) + extra safety length 20m
Example:    (190m x 2) + 20 m = 400 m - Select a running cable length of 400 m.


Attention! Do not order the running cable to short. It will be cut off individually for you. A return is excluded.

How can I order?
Through our webshop:
1. Click on "Add to basket" to add the item to the shopping basket.
2. Click on the shopping basket to go to the shopping cart.
3. Specify the desired cable length (meters) as the quantity.
4. Click "Checkout" to select the payment method.
4. Pay the items by transfer or Pay Pal.
5. After payment we cut the cables for you and send you the tracking information.

When do I have to change my running cable?
Attention! Life threatening! Towers can fall over in a running cable break.
People can be killed by the towers and / or the running cable.
Keep the Sesitec operating interval of 500 operating hours.
Record the operating hours and the date each time you change the cable.

How is my order being shipped?
The cable  being delivered on a wooden spool and by a forwarding agency

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